Child Care Inspection Program

Child care may be provided in a family child care home, a group home, a child care center, or a licensed-exempt facility (nursery school or a facility run by a religious organization). Licenses are issued to family child care homes, group homes and child care centers based on compliance with state regulations. Nursery schools and child care programs operated by religious organizations (called license-exempt facilities) are not required to be licensed but must be inspected annually regarding health and safety, fire safety and sanitation. Child care is regulated through various aspects, such as: staffing requirements on the number of children under the supervision of an adult, health rules to curb the spread of disease, background screenings, childhood injury prevention, fire safety, environmental health issues, staff training and education, physical plant requirements, space requirements and equipment requirements.

Missouri law requires any person who provides child care for more than four children not related to the provider to be licensed by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. Jasper County currently inspects over 60 licensed child care facilities. These inspections are unannounced but usually fall within the same month each year.

New Child Care Facilities

To open a new child care facility within Jasper County you must first contact the Springfield District Office Bureau of Child Care 417-895-6541. Once your initial inspection has been compleated, a request will be sent to the Jasper County Health Department to inspect the facility on an annual basis. If you have more questions about child care in Missouri check out the states website at:

List of Daycares and Inspection Report