Lodging Inspection Program

Current Licensed Lodging Facilities

The Jasper County Health Department currently regulates 8 commercial lodging establishments throughout the county. Each establishment is inspected and is required to obtain a state-issued lodging license annually. The lodging industry is regulated under a rule that addresses water supplies, sewage/wastewater treatment, fire safety, electrical wiring, fuel-burning appliances, plumbing and swimming pools.

The licensing year runs from October 1 to September 30. Licenses are obtained by completing an application. Applications are mailed to each lodging establishment on the first of August; an additional copy of the application and more information can be obtained on the DHSS website at http://www.dhss.mo.gov/Lodging. With the application, establishments must include an approved inspection for the current year and pay the appropriate licensing fee.

Inspections are unannounced and can take place anytime throughout the year. The State Department of Health and Senior Services contracts with the Jasper County Health Department to conduct annual inspections on all lodging establishments. Those establishments meeting the sanitation and safety standards outlined in the lodging rule, 19 CSR 20-3.050, receive an approved inspection report. This report is submitted along with the application as part of the licensing process. Re-inspections are conducted as needed on non-compliant establishments. No license will be issued until the violations are corrected.

List of Facilities and Inspection Results

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