Soil Testing For Lead and Cadmium

The Jasper County Health Department and local municipalities have a GIS map that outlines areas affected by the contamination from mining and smelting. If a dwelling is to be built within this area the lead program staff will conduct an assessment of the property to determine the presence of contaminants.

If the contamination levels exceed the action level set by EPA, the county lead program personnel will work with the builder and/or municipality in regards to remediation of the soil. If the soil conditions require cleanup, a plan will be developed by the builder that is consistent with remediation requirements.  The plan will be approved by the health department lead program. A final inspection will be conducted by the health department to assure that adequate remediation has occurred prior to occupancy of the dwelling.

Clean Up Requirements

·         Surface soils containing greater than 400 ppm lead and/or 75 ppm cadmium must be remediated.  Removal of contaminated soil by excavation is the preferred method.

·         Soil containing 400-799 ppm lead and/or 75-119 ppm cadmium must be covered with a minimum of 6 inches

·         Soil containing 800-1,499 ppm lead and/or 120-189 ppm must be covered with a minimum of 12 inches

·         Soil containing 1,500 ppm lead and/or 190 ppm cadmium or more must be covered with a minimum of 18 inches

·         Excavated soils contaminated with lead must be disposed of in an approved EPA repository

·         Fill or cover soil must be certified to contain less than 100 ppm lead and 40 ppm cadmium

Process for Remediation

1.      Fill out a remediation plan and return it to the Jasper County Health Department.  Once the plan is approved you will be notified with an approval letter.  This letter must be taken to the permitting agency to receive your building permit.

2.      After contaminated soil is removed, contact the Jasper County Health Department for intermediate testing prior to adding fill or cover soil.

3.      When the remediation is complete, contact the Jasper County Health Department for final testing.  If the final testing results meet remediation requirements you will be notified with a final clearance letter.  This letter is required for obtaining an occupancy permit.

The remediation plan needs to include the following:

·         Whether you will excavate the contaminated dirt or layer it with clean soil

·         Any excavated soil that is contaminated will be taken to an approved EPA Repository

·         Any clean fill brought on the property will be certified to contain less than 100 ppm lead and 40 ppm cadmium

Clean Soil Resources.

Below is a list of resources for clean soil for the remediation of properties in Joplin. Other excavating companies may be used; however, all soil brought on site should be certified soil for remediation.

Camcor Environmental 417-455-3862
Ray Schmidt 417-437-1181
Kevin Southard 417-439-5373
Schrader Excavating 417-850-8629
Jimmer Pinjuv 417-529-6440

Soil Lead Testing Results

  Testing Results Data Current as of 8/21/2014 - map updated on 8/26/2014.
  1353 Sites in EDR (as of 8/21/2014)
  489 Sites need or needed remediation in EDR (as of 8/21/2014)
  864 Sites do not need remediation in EDR (as of 8/21/2014)
  328 Sites have been approved for remediation (as of 8/18/2013)
  147 post-tornado sites have been remediated (as of 7/5/2013)
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